Revita Early Access Review – Twin-stick retro fun!

Welcome to our Revita Early Access review. We’ll be taking a look at this quirky retro twin-stick shooter that hit Early Access on March 3. You can check the game out here on Steam and join the discussion here on Facebook!

As described by the team developing the game, you play as an unnamed child ascending an ominous clocktower. You’re in pursuit of their lost memories. Most of the game play centres around harvesting and sacrificing souls to grow your power in order. Procedural challenges are overcome by increasing your abilities.

Cute and colourful graphics with lots of blue tones set the scene early on in the game. Controls are tight and it works well with a controller, which most indie games don’t seem to get right first time round. I find myself often finicking with game controls to no end, but with Revita, everything felt good from the get go.

Gameplay centres around twin-stick movement and shooting which at first is chaotic. But it does get better!

We spent a lot of time learninig the controls and figuring out some stylish moves, and it really helped. As you progress through the game you unlock various upgrades that help you along the way to finding your memories. We fell in love with some of the characters along the way and as the game moves to a full release we expect these characters will be a hit with many!

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