Introducing: Toxic Gaming – A Series

Welcome to the first part of one of our feature on toxic gaming – our own epidemic within the gaming world. Over the course of a series of articles on the site, we’ll dive into various different topics including toxicity towards women, competitive gaming, Twitch streaming and more. We hope you enjoy the read, and would love to hear more – check us out on Facebook here!

What is toxic gaming? Some might say it’s a bit of fun others… not so much.


Regardless of whether you play games online, or offline, you’ve probably experienced some form of toxicity and it’s usually pretty rough. Growing up, I liked different music and was interested in computers.

Coupled with also living in a small town in the back end of nowhere, toxic nature is something that I’ve sadly grown up with.

Games for me, like many, are or were a respite in troubled times. When it was too hard to get out of bed, games didn’t call you names or prey on your insecurities like you’d endured all week in school. When social anxiety of meeting new people is a lot to hand, games draw the attention away from you and created amazing bonds between people.

It is clear that gaming is nothing but a good thing for many people, not just for hand eye co-ordination and motor skills.

However nowadays, as full on inclusive as the game industry is trying to be there is an elephant in the room… and that elephant calls itself toxicity.


Sadly toxicity is bleeding into more and more online games, tearing communities apart thread by thread. Some of my favourite games have slowly started to die off, hemorrhaging any hope of recovering. Games like For Honor, Destiny, Counter Strike, Rainbow Six: Siege and others are slowly but surely becoming more and more toxic as time goes.

As part of this feature series, we’re going to to dive into some aspects of toxic gaming and we’ve included some links for you (pending completion) if you’d like to jump ahead to any particularly notable section:

  • 1 – What is Toxicity?
  • 2 – Why Are Some Gamers Toxic?
  • 3 – Dealing with Toxicity Online
  • 4 – Who Can Help Me/Them?
  • 5 – Trash Talk vs Toxicity
  • 6 – Being a Girl Online
  • 7 – Being a Guy Online
  • 8 – What Causes Toxicity?
  • 9 – Are Your Teammates Toxic?
  • 10 – Toxicity in the Competitive Scene
  • 11 – People Fighting Toxicity in Gaming

Each section will cover a different subject, including first hand accounts of experiences with toxicity in gaming and how they dealt with it. We’ll even be speaking to players who are toxic online to find out what motivates them to do it, how they do it, and what they get out of it.

Please check back regularly as this series will be updated frequently as it is a work in progress!

Thank you for checking us out, and have a great day Raider! 😄

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